Friday, 25 May 2012

tiffany blue wedding favors

Engraved and marked favours are very hot at the moment. Including the name of the happy couple and the date of the wedding on your favour boxes is a lovely touch and is sure to remind your guests of your wedding for years to come. It is not just boxes that can be personalised, wine bottle labels, stickers, gift tags are just a few of the items that can be printed on. Use your imagination and give your friends some really unique.

tiffany blue wedding favors

This year has seen more practical favours becoming more and more popular. The Love Birds salt & pepper shaker is our best selling favour this year. It's not only practical but is a true symbol of the meaning of your big day. Bottle stoppers often follow this theme as well and heart bottle stoppers have sold extremely well this year.

tiffany blue wedding favors

Another practical theme that has shone through is to combine place card holders that can also be used as a photo frame for your guests to use at home. There are lots of small frames on the market that you can use for your place card holders. If you are keen on the idea of giving your guests a memento of the day, why not include a picture of the two of you in the frame? The last twelve months have seen these become more and more common with some great results.

Another popular trend this year is the Wedding CD favour. Couples are choosing to create a CD with their favourite songs included to give out to their guests as a gift. This gives their guests an excellent takeaway from the day and can include songs from the evening celebration including your first dance to make it truly special. This is a relatively cheap and truly personalised.

tiffany blue wedding favors

With more and more brides being socially responsible, environmentally friendly wedding favours are an emerging trend. Buying wildflower seeds and then putting them in beautiful handmade paper favours is a great idea for your guests so they can then plant them when they get home. These look beautiful on your wedding tables and might even product some beautiful flowers. This year, small plants and beeswax candles are also extremely popular wedding favours.

Picking any one of these favours for your wedding day will ensure that your guests go home with a happy memory of your wedding day which will last for years to come.


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